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About National Quilting Week

National Quilting Week – June 1st – 7th 2015

Ireland has a lot to offer to everyone all over the world but especially quilters. Inspiration everywhere you look, from stone walls and woolly sheep to moody skies and shades of green. Where do you start?

How about with National Quilting Week Ireland? This event has been created for Quilters by Quilters, Nikki Foley & Penny Barnes.


We have been fortunate In Ireland to have some great events, exhibitions and showcases, but now it’s time to bring it all together and celebrate in one week each year.

This first year we already have some fabulous events, shops and exhibitions on offer and we know it will just grow from year to year.

You will have the opportunity to meet Ireland’s top quilters and see the shops and hidden gems that make patchwork and quilting so charming in Ireland.

Co Kerry is the headquarters for NQW so why not start your trip in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. You can use this website to plan your stay and contact the people involved.

For those who live in Ireland, this is your chance to plan that adventure that you always thought you might do, and visit some events and shops along the way.

We have plenty of options to join a tour if you are planning a visit from another country, what could be more fun than making a whole bus load of friends who love what you do. For more information contact

Celtic Whispers by Penny Barnes and Nikki Foley

A quilt inspired by an ancient Church on the South Westerly coast of Ireland

penny and nikki